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Today, we are all living fast-paced lives and there is cutthroat competition, especially in countries like Singapore. We are not only the most expensive city to live in but also the most competitive economy worldwide.

Given the great lifestyle, safety and luxuries that this island-state has to offer, it is also a hub for expats who come from all parts of the world seeking jobs and a better life here. 

It goes without saying that Singapore has  a thriving job market, but how do we easily find the right job that is perfect for us? How do we connect with the employers and job providers?

This is where recruitment agencies come in. They play a very important role in connecting aspiring job seekers like me and you with employers. However, to make the best of  a recruitment agency, it is important to understand how the process works.

The first step is for an employer to engage an agency to assist in searching, filtering, assessing and recruiting new employees for a list of job roles. Then, the agency compiles a list of the most suitable candidates from the pool of resumes that they have in their database. Finally, the employer selects suitable individuals from the shortlist, and the recruitment agency arranges for an interview.

On this note, it is important to understand the significance of having a good resume — a well-laid out CV that clearly states your past experiences, qualifications, aspirations and skill set.

Remember to tweak your resume as per the job role that you are applying for! Generally, a good recruitment agency will advise you on how to write a perfect resume and cover letter to get your dream job.

Recruitment Agencies Singapore - Employment Agencies Singapore


Benefits of engaging a recruitment agency in Singapore

  • Engaging a recruitment agency increases your chances to get hired.
  • Good agencies provide support at all stages — from helping draft a good resume to prepping candidates before interviews.
  • They can give aspiring employees important background information on employers.
  • They can share insights into the history and work culture of the company.
  • Some recruitment agencies in Singapore have exclusive access to jobs that would not otherwise be open to be found through an ordinary search. 

However, you must remember that recruitment agencies should only be considered as a part of your job search. So, rather than depending on them entirely to secure your dream job, you also need to be proactive and be ready to work hard. 

Recruitment Agencies - Career Path

Of course, recruitment agencies do play an important role and give you an edge over other candidates in the market. It can also be difficult to decide on which recruitment agency to choose from with the sea of options available online. 

Fret not, YP Directory has got you covered. In this article, we will share a list of seven of the best, most reliable recruitment agencies based in Singapore that can help you find your dream job.

7 Best Recruitment Agencies in Singapore

May 11, 2020

1. Rexy Employment Pte Ltd

Recruitment Agencies Singapore - Rexy Employment Pte Ltd

With an experience of over three decades, Rexy Employment Pte Ltd has been connecting employers and employees since the year 1990. Accredited with the Association of Employment Agencies (s) and The Embassy of China, Rexy Employment Pte Ltd is one of the most reliable employment agencies in Singapore.

From ‘S’ Pass services to labour supply and  temporary job placements to work permit services — Rexy Employment Pte Ltd offers a wide range of employment services in Singapore.

Call them at 6556 0802 today!

2. ML Consulting Pte Ltd

Recruitment Agencies Singapore - ML Consulting Pte Ltd

ML Consulting Pte Ltd has been providing recruitment and employee engagement services for almost 45 years. WIth decades of experience and industry knowledge, this recruitment agency offers services like headhunting, outsourcing employees, market research and analysis and recruitment on permanent, contract as well as temporary basis. 

Established in 1976, ML Consulting Pte Ltd is a licensed and certified company, and hence a reputed name in Singapore.

Contact them at 6220 1288 today!

3. First Form Pte Ltd

Recruitment Agencies Singapore - First Form Pte Ltd

Are you looking for a domestic helper or caregiver in Singapore? First Form Pte Ltd, established way back in 1983, is your best bet. A licensed and certified recruitment agency, First Form Pte Ltd, has been providing SIngapore with some of the most reliable and experienced helpers for more than 37 years now.

If you are based in the Philippines, Indonesia or Myanmar and want to move to SIngapore with a job as a caregiver or helper, First Form Pte Ltd will help you through the entire process. Accredited by the Embassy of the Philippines, First Form Pte Ltd helps connect helpers and caregivers with families with kids or seniors looking for help. They also help connect employers with accountants and secretaries.

Call them at 6227 5246 now!

4. Human Power Resourcing (S) Pte Ltd

Recruitment Agencies Singapore - Human Power Resourcing (S) Pte Ltd

Human Power Resourcing (S) Pte Ltd is an ideal recruitment agency for those looking to build a career in the construction industry in SIngapore. We have world class infrastructure and the construction industry here is thriving.

If you are looking for a work permit, S-pass and E-pass positions in the construction industry in Singapore, Human Power Resourcing (S) Pte Ltd is your best bet to find that dream job.

Get in touch with them at 6396 7794 today!

5. 1S Staffing Services

Recruitment Agencies Singapore - 1S Staffing Services

Another reliable recruitment agency in SIngapore for foreign workers and work pass applications is 1S Staffing Services. From manpower staffing to employee training and helping build a relationship between the job seeker and employer — 1S Staffing Services is a trusted agency that offers a wide range of services.

Start your job seeking journey and call them today at 6749 5966!

6. Manpower Channel Pte Ltd

Recruitment Agencies Singapore - Manpower Channel Pte Ltd

From work pass application to renewal and cancellation, Manpower Channel Pte Ltd is your one-stop destination for foreign worker engagement. Established in 2004, Manpower Channel Pte Ltd understands the HR requirements of the employers and finds the most suitable candidates for the said job roles.

The key services provided by this recruitment agency in Singapore include providing foreign skilled and semi-skilled positions, comprehensive foreign manpower recruitment solutions and work pass administration.

Find out more by giving them a call at 93380965 today!

7. Jinis International Pte Ltd

Recruitment Agencies Singapore - Jinis International Pte Ltd

Ranging from engineering to design to construction to material management and marine engineering, Jinis International Pte Ltd provides employee engagement and recruitment solutions across a host of industries.

Established in Singapore in 1982, Jinis International Pte Ltd is a reputed and reliable recruitment agency in Singapore today.

Find out more about their manpower supply services via a call at 6562 2322.

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