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Landscaping involves elevating the visual aesthetics of a land area with the art of gardening. This is done by decorating designated sections of an outdoor or indoor land with flora and other elements of nature.

Recently, there has been an increase in demand for landscaping due to the many advantages it brings, including

  • creating a beautiful and relaxing space to retreat to,
  • achieving cooler temperatures and
  • improving physical and psychological health.

A beautiful landscape design does not only add to the overall visual appeal of your property, it also brings about a world of difference for your family or employees.

Landscaping services offered

Landscape architecture design inside a building in Singapore

Each company specialises in different areas of landscaping, such as:

Landscape design and installation

Landscape contractors advise clients regarding the most suitable option for their project, whether it is a residential or commercial space. Once the design is finalised, they will proceed with the installation using their landscaping equipment and supplies.

Lawn care services

Lawn Mowers in Singapore

Lawn care includes lawn mowing and lawn maintenance, where your yard is mowed and trimmed to maintain its aesthetic appeal. This also preserves its practical function, such that it can be used for outdoor activities comfortably.

Gardening and garden furniture

Water Fountains in Singapore

Gardeners are engaged to help maintain your garden by trimming shrubs and grass daily and removing weed. Aside from that, you can opt to beautify your garden with water fountains.

Tree services

Tree care comprises of removal and pruning of a tree, stump grinding and more. These services are usually done for the purpose of improving the health and look of the tree or to simply get rid of it.

Artificial flora

Artificial flora is a great option for those who prefer a low maintenance landscape. These include artificial flowers, plants and trees for gardens and artificial grass for yards.

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor Furniture in Singapore

After dressing your balcony up with flora, equip it with high-quality outdoor furniture to help create a healing space. This will heighten the functionality of your space as it can then be used for hosting guests.


Landscaping in the backyard
Nature Landscaping in Singapore
Landscape design inside a building in Singapore
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5 Best Landscaping Companies in Singapore

February 25, 2020

1. Hua Hng Trading Co Pte Ltd

Hua Hng Trading Co Pte Ltd - Landscaping Companies Singapore - Yellow Pages

HUA HNG TRADING COMPANY started in 1981. Having been in this industry for more than 35 years, they are well established as one of the main wholesale garden centres in Singapore.

In 1991, the management of Hua Hng Trading Company (HH) took over World Farm Company Private Limited (WF).
Hua Hng Trading Company has a propagation nursery and wholesale garden centre for plants, pots, landscaping materials and supplies, and they provide services such as landscaping design and build, plants rental and display for events, educational activities and visits, etc.

Their plants and products are sourced from countries worldwide.

In 2004, both companies were awarded the ISO 9001 certification, which has been maintained through the constant upgrading of their procedures and continual improvement in their services.


In 2014, the company received the 2014 Singapore Excellence Award, and in 2016, they received the 2016 SME 100 Award for fast moving companies.

2. Island Landscape & Nursery Pte Ltd

Island Landscape & Nursery Pte Ltd - Landscaping Companies Singapore - Yellow Pages

What began as a small retail nursery is now a one-stop garden centre offering complete solutions to all gardening needs.

ISLAND prides itself on being an innovator in the industry and has achieved many firsts since 1976. Its major achievements was the contribution towards modern hydroculture techniques. This new system has been acclaimed far and wide and has increased the varity of plants that can be grown indoors.

ISLAND is a leader in the Landscaping and Nursery Business with an approach to creating beautiful environments recognized by various Publications. Its impressive list of clients and locations will attest to their capabilities such as landscape design as a trusted name with the potential to work with partners within Singapore and beyond.

Visit them to find out what ISLAND can offer for your garden now!

3. Katong Flower Shop (Pte) Ltd

Katong Flower Shop (Pte) Ltd - Landscaping Companies Singapore - Yellow Pages

Katong Flower Shop (Pte) Ltd is a well-established company in Singapore since 1948. It has a one-stop horticulture cum flora supermart at 221-A Bedok South Ave 1, Singapore 464339 (beside Temasek Junior College/Casafina Condo). They have built a strong reputation among industry members and had pioneered a number of key innovations in the industry. They have the most complete line in the horticulture and flora industries and specialise in :

  • Fresh and Artificial Floral Arrangements and Hampers for all occasions
  • Overseas Floral Delivery Service to more than 162 countries worldwide
  • Floral / Fruits Baskets
  • Plants for Sales & Rental
  • Landscaping and Garden Maintenance Services
  • Bridal Bouquets and Wedding Car Decorations
  • Banners / Condolence Blankets
  • All kinds of floral accessories and horticultural tools and equipments
  • Organic and chemical fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides, etc
  • Water Features / Ornamental Decorations, etc.

    Besides providing the above services, they also do import, export, wholesale and retail as well as being the agent and distributor for a wide range of premium fertilisers, garden insecticides, horticultural tools and equipments, floral foams, fresh flowers colouring sprays and a wide variety of floral accessories. 

4. Teston Landscape & Contractor

Teston Landscape & Contractor - Landscaping Companies Singapore - Yellow Pages

Incorporated since 1980, Teston Landscape & Contractor offers total landscape solutions in design, planning, implementation and maintenance works. Teston is recognized for its creative initiatives with residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure works ensuring the highest of quality and efficiency with the commitment of their experienced and dedicated professionals.

5. Evergreen Landscape & Construction Pte Ltd

Evergreen Landscape & Construction Pte Ltd - Landscaping Companies Singapore - Yellow Pages

Evergreen Landscape & Construction Pte Ltd provides specialized Arborist, Horticultural & Landscaping Services for the creation and maintenance of attractive, sustainable landscapes and gardens around Singapore.

With over 20 years experience, their skilled team of certified arborists, gardeners and horticulturalists will assist you in restoring and nurturing your garden to the envy of all your neighbours. 

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