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Not recommended, definitely not worthy!!!!!!! Super Proud, bad, poor services and attitude. Believed she must be the lady boss. 1st experience, ask to alter the school skirt longer and being quote $8 per skirt. (Which is a new skirt price). Keep saying 多功多功,我们很忙,你去买新的啦。 2nd experience, ask to sew school name tag on uniform pocket. She say cannot sew on pocket because the sewing machine cannot fit the pocket hole. So I suggested to open the pocket to sew the name tag and re-sew back the pocket. She immediately say 很多功,我们不会那么做。You go find others do the alterations. 我们现在很忙。 多功不就是收费高一点吗?那个缝纫不多功?怕多功为何要做裁缝?不是这样做生意吧 ? Nowadays still got people doing business in such attitude and in a neighbourhood area.

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Amy Laundry & Alteration

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