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Building and construction as the name suggests, is a complex process of adding structure to any property or construction of buildings. The building construction technique is generally involved in the assembly and fabrication of structures which is used to provide shelter. It is an ancient human activity which starts with a fully functional approach of creating a controlled environment by moderating the effects of climate. The modern day construction concept is a more complex process under which a deep study about the stats relating to the construction site is required.  

Generally, there are three major sectors of construction which involve buildings, infrastructure and industrial. Building construction is further subcategorized into non-residential and residential construction, whereas infrastructure is concerned with the construction of heavy civil sites such as dams, large public works, highways, bridges, utility distribution areas, railways and water distribution areas etc. Industrial construction involves the construction of large mills, power generation grids, refineries, and manufacturing plants etc.

Building and construction involve the use of high quality materials which are required for:-

The quality material or supplies include plywood, plaster boards, VJ sheets, and architraves as well as other building and construction supplies and products. The building and construction materials may also include various tools which are required by certain professional such as carpenters, painters, handymen, and bricklayers. Many building and construction suppliers nowadays specialize in a particular area such as engineering or architectural design. This is also the major reason as to why such a wide range of construction materials and tools are available in the market these days.  But on a good note, the availability of quality construction material helps workers to perform their construction task effectively as well as efficiently.

As the world is quickly changing and becoming more demanding, time has become more precious than before. Therefore, to cope with these challenges, many new construction techniques has been introduced in recent years. These techniques allow building engineers to fulfill the demands of their customers easily and save time. One of such techniques includes 3D printing technology, which is used for construction purposes. This technique has made it possible to construct private habitations and small commercial buildings in less than 24 hours, which also includes inbuilt electrical as well as plumbing facilities.  

With increasing requirements of the building and other properties, building and construction process has rapidly seen some technological advancements which have made the overall construction process a lot easier as well as safer.

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