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Electrical Products & Equipments | Buy and Sell Industrial Products in Singapore

Electrical equipment or electrical products are defined as machines which are powered by electricity. Such equipments mainly consist of an enclosure, a power switch and a variety of other electrical components. In today’s society, it is almost impossible to live our lives without making use of electrical products. From home appliances (refrigerator, LCDs, table fan, heaters) to small microcontrollers, almost every product needs some sort of kinetic energy to get started and this can only be generated through electricity.

Electronic equipment are those that are dependent on electromagnetic fields or on electric currents in order to function properly. Whereas an electrical product possesses a battery or other power source to work properly. Electrical equipment is mainly divided into further categories which include:-

Electrical devices or products from above categories are produced and sold by companies which are then consumed by different users according to their requirements. The type of electrical products offered by different suppliers varies from OEMs, CEMs to Transformers and Inductors. Their extensive range includes desktop power supplies, enclosed power supplies, open frame power supplies, and din rail mount power supplies. Electrical products like DC to DC converters, AC to DC PCB mountable PSU are also provided.

Reputed electrical companies maintain large stocks of an extensive range of electrical products and equipments so that they can meet the requirements of their customers. These companies also provide a wide variety of wires and cables, heating and cooling devices. Other appliances such as dimmer switches, movement sensors, power points, hardware and tools are also provided in addition to the lighting accessories for landscape, home, industrial and commercial uses.

The industrial products such as circuit breakers, switchboards, data & communication devices and other similar accessories are usually required by a professional technician as they are professionals who look after the repairing of electrical equipments.

Price of Electrical Products

The price of electrical products varies according to the usage of the products. For example, some home appliances which are commonly used can be very inexpensive such as hot pot, toaster, can opener or coffee maker. Whereas, other electrical products might be very expensive such as high-end microwave oven, espresso maker, etc. Therefore pricing of electrical products mainly depends upon the feature of the product, usage, and its durability.

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