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Construction is a tough business. When talking about materials, bad quality can crush one's reputation of being a builder. Therefore, it is necessary to buy good quality fasteners and seals that can work effectively for a long duration. Fasteners are defined as those non-permanent joints which can be easily removed without damaging the joined components. It’s a good source of hardware device that mechanically joins or affixes two or more objects together.

Fasteners and seals are universal components. A fastener is a standard component which is used in every household appliance and high tech gadget that we use in our daily lives. These may not be visualized by us directly, but it does play a major role in our lives. From holding chairs and tables, to automobiles, every inch of what we use in our day-to-day lives are fixed with the help of fasteners and seals. Fasteners and seals are made available in various shapes and sizes by different companies. They can be used in multiple applications and environments, including fencing, subflooring, framework, etc.

Use of Fasteners & Seals in Different Industries

Use in Construction industry

Fasteners play a vibrant role in building structures. They provide structural integrity and major points of energy dissipation. These fasteners used in construction helps to secure building materials. Steel and stainless steel are commonly used fasteners in the construction industry. The need for fasteners arises for metal roofing, sub-floors, furniture production, etc. Typical uses of fasteners in some applications include:-

Usage in Marine industry

Fasteners used in the marine industry are corrosion-resistant. Bolts, screws, washers, lock washers, wing nuts, split rings and slating rings are some of the marine construction fasteners which are used on docks, ramps, ships, tanks and for various underwater construction projects.

Usage in Automotive Industry

This industry is estimated to use between 25-35 billion fasteners.  The automotive sector uses steel and stainless steels, including duplex and austenitic grades as well as plastic fasteners so as to add solidity to the end product.

To provide solidity to different products, the use of fasteners & seals has increased over the past few years. However, it is recommended to purchase such products from reputed companies as compromising with safety can lead to disastrous results. 

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