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Furniture in general terms is referred to as an object which is intended to support different human activities such as sleeping (beds), eating (tables) and seating (chairs, sofas, stools). Home furniture are those objects which we install in our homes for different purposes, i.e. for holding various objects at home or for storing things (shelves, cupboards). The modern day furniture is purchased by many people in order to decorate houses in an effective manner. Furniture can be made from different materials such as metal, plastic, and wood etc.

Most of the furnishing objects are made from wood which is obtained from the cutting of trees. The ancient furnishing concept revolves around things that are made from stones, wood and animal bones. But now the concept of modern day furnishing is totally changed. Now, people are much crazier about making use of modern furniture such as paintings, folding beds etc to beautify their room.

Classification of home furniture according to different areas

1.Bedroom Furniture – The bedroom is the place where one says goodbye to all the activities of the day and strengthen oneself for the next day. Therefore, it is necessary to install furniture in your bedroom that will provide you with a peaceful sleep and let you prepare for the next day. It should include chest of drawers, wardrobe, dresser, wall, shelves and a comfortable bed.

2.Living Room – Also known as the busiest part of the entire house. This major part of the entire house centers all the activities going in the house. As most of the time is spent in the living room doing activities such as reading, watching television, therefore this room should have a quality sofa, side table, T.V. unit and bookshelves.

3.Dining Room – The place where the whole family unites and have meals together. The dining room should have a perfect set of dining chairs and dining table that would allow people to sit comfortably and enjoy their meals.

4.Study Room – For those who schedule their activities for studying, working and reading inside the house will need study desks, office chairs, and cabinets so that they can study peacefully.

The selection procedure of best home furniture items will vary depending upon personal taste and preference of an individual. But at the time of finalizing furniture for your home, it is always good to state your choice in front of interior designers, as this will help in beautifying the entire house perfectly. 

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