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Lighting is the process in which we deliberately make use of light to achieve an aesthetic or practical effect. Lighting allows us to make use of both sources of light, i.e. artificial light and natural light. Artificial sources include light fixtures and lamps which are easily available in the market, whereas natural sources include daylight and skylight captured for lighting the room, office or any building. Daylight is the most common source of light used during daytime in buildings as they don’t even cost a single cent as compared to artificial lighting. The proper source of lighting is used so as to enhance the performance of tasks, maintaining positive psychological effects on occupants performing the task and improving the overall appearance of an area.

Lighting accessories comprise of artificial lighting products such as LED bulbs, CFL bulbs, HID bulbs, Halogen bulbs, Fluorescent Lights, Incandescent bulbs, Eco-Halogen light bulbs, and Neon light bulbs. These accessories are categorized based on the power consumption, durability and quality of material used to produce such products. Indoor lighting or artificial lighting is usually achieved with the use of light fixtures, which are commonly planned in the process of interior designing.

With the advancement of technology nowadays, lighting fixtures come in a variety of styles so as to perform different functions. These fixtures function as a light holder, and it also helps in the management of the flow of light and the prevention of visual glare.

Types of Lighting

Lighting can be classified based on the amount of light produced by the fixture. It mainly includes: -

For parties or stage shows, there are other lighting instruments (different from normal bulbs) which are used in order to add more effects. External lighting accessories used for stage shows including Barn Doors, Top hat, Gel extender, Color frame, Doughnut, Color scroller etc. Whereas internal lighting accessories include Gobo rotators, Pattern Holder, Iris, Effect loop etc.

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