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Measurement is the process of measuring things or finding a more exact value of an object. To measure an object, an exact measuring instrument is required. In science, engineering and many other fields, measurement is considered to be an activity that obtains and makes comparisons of various physical quantities, events, and objects. Proper units are used to declare the results of measurements.

As we all know, nothing is perfect in this world. Everything is subjected to some extent of errors. Therefore, instruments are used to measure various physical quantities of an object and to find out instrumental errors and uncertainty in measurement. Engineers and scientists make use of many measuring instruments to make calculations and to determine accurate data for further analysis.

Measuring instruments can be as simple as rulers or stopwatches which are used to measure lengths and time covered. Or it can be electron microscopes and particle accelerators which are better known as modern measuring instruments.

Below is a list of some widely used measuring instruments that help in the measurement of physical quantities:-

  1. Strainmeter - It is used to measure seismic strain.
  2. Sphygmomanometer - It is used to measure blood pressure.
  3. Taximeter - It is used to measure displacement or distance covered.  
  4. Thermometer - It is used to measure body temperature.
  5. VU meter - It is used to measure volume unit.
  6. Voltmeter - It is used to measure voltage or electric potential.
  7. Viscometer - It is used to measure the viscosity of the fluid.
  8. Wind vane - It is used to measure wind direction.
  9. Wattmeter - It is used to measure electrical power.
  10. Zymometer - It is used to measure fermentation level.
  11. Weighing scale - It is used to measure weight.
  12. Vacuum gauge - It is used to measure pressure, usually low pressures.
  13. Tensiometer - It is used measure liquid’s surface tension.
  14. Tachometer - It is used to measure revolutions per minute and speed of airplanes.
  15. Theodolite - It is used to measure angles in a vertical and horizontal plane.

Apart from the measuring instruments listed above, there are thousands of other instruments which are used in our day-to-day activities to find out the correct value of an object. The current era of such devices cannot be neglected as they make the calculations of an object easy and understandable. Hence, making use of such instruments can help obtain the correct data of your object, whether you are involved in science or in a medical field. 

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