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Consumable items are required in every business organization on a regular basis so as to perform day-to-day tasks efficiently. There are numerous products which are required by offices in bulk as they are used on a daily basis. Office supplies are those consumable items or equipments which are used regularly in offices by organizations, businesses and individuals who are engaged in performing office tasks such as written communications, bookkeeping or recordkeeping, cleaning and janitorial, and for the storage of data. The range of items that are generally classified as supplies used in offices varies as per the needs of different offices. It mainly includes expendable, small, consumable products, daily use items, and other expensive equipments such as office furniture, computers, and other machines.

General usage of the product and its types classifies office supplies into different categories. Some of the widely used office supplies products include:-

1.Pre-printed forms - It includes tax reporting forms, time cards, wall calendars etc.

2.Blank sheet paper - It includes a blank sheet paper of different sizes which can vary from poster size to small notes. Usually for reputed companies making use of blank sheet paper, the thickness of the paper matters a lot.

3.Media - It includes memory cards, ink & toner cartridges, and flash drives.

4.Communication equipments - It includes cell phones, desk telephones, Ethernet cables, WI-FI adaptors, switches, and other network routers.

5.Chemical fasteners - It includes glue, transparent tapes, mucilage etc.

6.Merchant supplies - It includes pricing guns, price tags, cash registers, processing machines for credit cards, time clocks etc.

7.Comestibles - It includes cookies, coffee, candy, pretzels, chips and many other snacks.

8.Office furniture - It includes office chairs, rugs, cubicles, anti-static mats, armoire desks, and filing cabinets.

9.Containers - It includes envelopes, crates, binders, boxes, desk organizers, shelves etc.

10.Expensive equipments - It includes instruments like fax machines, computers, photocopy machines, and printers.

11.Small machines - It includes machines like hole punchers, staplers, numbering machines, laminators, sharpeners, rubber stamps etc.

12.Janitorial supplies - It includes products like mops, wastebaskets, buckets, recycling bins, toilet paper, paper towels, soaps, brooms, air fresheners, detergents, and disinfectants.

The industry for office supply had noticed tremendous growth in the last five to ten years.  Currently, it is one of most developing sector as the need of office supplies is increasing day by day with more organizations and businesses requiring office supplies on a regular basis.

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