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Packaging plays a crucial role in the production cycle of a product. Packaging is basically encasing the product in a safe and portable cover for transportation, storage, selling and distribution purposes. It is the final and the most important process that many factories rely on. For example, the product’s lifespan is solely based on the way it’s stored and packed. While a secure and attractive packaging ensures longevity and demand of the product, improper packaging can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

The techniques used for packaging are different based on the product’s composition and usage. The main purposes for packaging are:-

  1. Product information - Packaging and labelling inform  customers about the name of the product, its quantity, main ingredients, date of manufacturing, batch number, price etc.
  2. Protection - The quintessential reason for packaging is the product protection. Some medicine or products are prone to moisture and thus it is mandatory to encase them in vacuum packages. Also, it prevents the product from exposure, thus increasing its shelf life.
  3. Quantity Control - This factor makes it easy for the user to get an idea of the amount of product to use. Proper division of product such as tablets helps the customer to take a fixed amount of the product, preventing overuse or wastage.
  4. Easy to carry - Packaging always makes transportation and carrying of the product easier. It is easy to carry a carton of milk rather than a vessel. Apart from this, packaging makes storage and reuse of the product convenient.

Types of Packaging

Packaging is divided into various broad categories based on the product, target consumers, nature of the product and the layers of packaging involved. Based on the target consumers, the type of packaging can be divided into:-

Packaging Layers

  1. Primary Packaging: This layer of packaging is in direct contact with the product and is the innermost layer of packaging.
  2. Secondary Packaging: Used to aggregate primary packages or to provide double protection to the product.
  3. Tertiary Packaging: Usually implemented to group bulk products together for transit purposes and to be stored in warehouses.

In ancient times, packaging was limited to earthen pots or large containers, but with the advent of time, the methods of packaging have increased. Other commonly used materials include Plastic Boxing, Canning, Paper wrapping and Cardboard Covering. 

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