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Pumps and pipes are quintessential for the smooth operation of any industry. While pumps are responsible for transporting various types of products, pipes act as a medium through which products are transported.

Pumps Meaning

A pump is a simple machine which consists of a motor and shaft attached to a pipe which then transports materials such as water, chemicals, wastewater, and oil. The main concept of a pump is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. The diversity of pumps is vast and it is based upon its application. Different industries require different type of pumps for different purposes. Pumps can be broadly classified as:-

  1. Positive Displacement Pumps - Also known as the constant flow pumps, these pumps displace the same amount of fluid at a constant speed irrespective of the discharge rate of the liquid. It traps a certain amount of fluid in it and then pushes it into the discharge pipe thus making it move forward. Gear pump, Hydraulic pump, Rotary vane pump, Peristaltic pump, Rope pump, Flexible impeller pump and Diaphragm pump are some types of positive displacement pumps.
  2. Centrifugal Pumps - These pumps make use of a rotating impeller attached to a motor which creates a high-pressure area. Thus, this pressure difference pushes out the fluid from the outlet. Since centrifugal force is the main reason for the fluid being forced out, hence it is called centrifugal pumps. These pumps are the most frequently used pumps and its most common use in a vacuum cleaner. Other types of pumps are Froth pumps, Vertical Centrifugal pumps, and Multistage Centrifugal pumps.

Another classification of pumps is submerged pumps and external pumps. Submerged pumps are those which are placed within the fluid they displace and external pumps are those that are placed outside the fluid to be displaced.

Pipes Meaning

Pipes are simple hollow cylinders with a circular cross-section that are used to transport fluids through them. The materials used for the construction of pipes are multiple based on their implementation. Common materials used in the production of pipes are copper, steel, iron, carbon steel, galvanized, iron, and aluminium etc.

All the pipes are interconnected through welding, pipe fittings, elastomeric sealing and soldering for proper flow of the fluids. To control and divert the flow of the fluids, fittings of the elbow, funnel and tee shapes and valves are used.

The material of pipes must be chosen carefully based on the purpose it is being used for. For instance, copper pipes are used for transfer of portable water transfer. Since iron pipes are prone to corrosion, thus only GI pipes should be considered for that purpose.

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